The laboratory where customize a dream with a project of interior all yours. . . .



Entirely personalized and exclusive home environments and design custom made to embody the Customer's choice, made furthermore precious with unique embroidery and ennobled by its functional features .

The complex and experienced quality of our manufactured products are a guarantee of their excellence which also allow for hand-washing, and added advantage for the modern woman .

40 years of inherited experience are placed alongside sophisticated craftsmanship of our specialized staff in home furnishings, eager to cater to your tailored needs.     Worthy and competent service in this sector ensure a finished product for international prestigious and First Class environments .

Endless and meticulous research of ideas in textile furnishings to embellish the most beautiful homes and render them  unique  with     a touch of  Italian Interior Design .

A lab with one of man's greatest wealth : creativity and endless experience, blending history to innovation.

Enjoy your new found style 

Lorenzo Tribuzio